Friday, September 14, 2012

Only in Egypt

Only in Egypt...
  •  is a pink teddy bear considered an appropriate gift for one adult to give to another.
  • are there more pharmacies than supermarkets.
  • can a man who has never driven a car expertly guide you out of a parking space where you've been double and triple-parked on.
  • is it perfectly normal to pack a whole cucumber as part of your lunch and bite into it later as if you were eating an apple.
  • does the guy who runs the fruit stand on the corner have a business card.
  • is the longest, most convoluted route usually the fastest way to reach your destination.
  • is an hour-long car ride called "traveling".
  • can the official weather forecast refer to today's weather as "sandy".
  • do veiled women seem to have more "hairstyling" options than do non-veiled women.
  • is choosing the country's favorite chip flavor the most democratic process most people have ever experienced.
  • can an entire empire be built on one concept: the long-sleeved undershirt.
  • is it more unusual to be awake at 10:00am than it is to be up at 10:00pm.
  • do children have such busy schedules that they might actually need those Blackberrys and iPhones.